George Peretz QC

George Peretz QC has written for us on the legal implications of the Brexit transition and on Trade Defence.

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Guy de Jonquières

Guy de Jonquières has written for us on how to run Brexit negotiations effectively.

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Holger Hestermeyer

Holger Hestermeyer has written for us on Parliamentary oversight of trade negotiations and on the most-favoured-nation principle.

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Iana Dreyer

Iana Dreyer has written for us on the way the European Union approaches trade deals.

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John VerWey

John VerWey is an international trade analyst for the US International Trade Commission. He has written for us on American trade defence. The views here are his own.

Maria Laura Marceddu

Maria Laura Marceddu has written for us on transparency in international negotiations, focused on investment.

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Peter Ungphakorn

Peter Ungphakorn worked in the WTO Secretariat, 1996–2015. He now freelances part-time for IEG Policy’s Agribusiness Intelligence and blogs at Trade β Blog. He has written for us on the World Trade Organization.

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Sam Lowe

Sam Lowe has written for us on trading goods across borders and on import tariffs.

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