Tremors in the global trading system – Implications for Europe and Britain

The WTO is in crisis. Some members are trying to fix it. And the UK in all this?

A joint event by the UK Trade Forum and Borderlex.

Date: 10 July 2019

Where: The Trampery, 239 Old Street, EC1V 9EY, London

When: 16.30 for 17.00 to 18.30


United States-China strategic rivalry and trade ‘war’. Crisis in the World Trade Organization triggered by the US’ blockage of appointments of appellate body arbitrators. Concerns over China, cybersecurity and data privacy. US recourse to import restrictions from traditional political and military allies on ‘national security’ grounds. The world of international trade is currently being severely rattled.

All these inter-related events have raised alarm in governments and business board rooms.  Are we facing the end of the rules-based trading system? Will the US or China determine tomorrow’s trading rules? Are we witnessing the end of the WTO? Can ‘national security’, free trade, and global supply chains coexist? How are the EU, Britain and their partners approaching the ‘brave new’ trade world?

The UK Trade Forum event will discuss the implications of current United States trade policies for Europe and Britain as it leaves the EU.

The event will be attended by professionals in business, civil society and government as well as media.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Stephen de Boer, Canada’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the WTO
  • David Frost, Chief Executive, London Chamber of Commerce
  • Aline Doussin, Partner, Hogan Lovells
  • Marianne Petsinger, Geoeconomics Fellow, US & Americas Programme, Chatham House

Moderator: Holger Hestermeyer, Shell Reader in International Dispute Resolution at King’s College London.

Fees for event attendance:

UK civil servants and journalists: free

Other delegates: £ 60 + VAT

Borderlex premium subscribers: £ 30


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